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Good Beer.BeerZlata Praga 1lZhigulevskoye 1lEfes 1l Lefe 1l Franziskaner 1lBlack Kozel 1lNatakhtari 1lSviani 1lZatecky Gus 1lBaltika N7 1lTuborg 1лCarlsberg 1lGrolsch 1lGambrinus 1lWarsteiner 1lKhvamli 1lKarva 1lBurakhi 1lVodkaKhortytsia Platinum 0.2lKhortytsia Platinum 0.5lKhortytsia Silver 0.2lKhortytsia Silver 0.5lMedovukha Maiskaia 0.2lMedovukha Maiskaia 0.5lMorosha Springs 0.2lMorosha Springs 0.5lMorosha Synevir 0.7lChachaBadagoni Chacha Original 0.5lBadagoni Chacha Classic 0.5lWineBadagoni Khvanchkara 0.7lBadagoni Kindzmarauli 0.7lBadagoni Mukuzani 0.7lBadagoni Akhasheni 0.7lBadagoni Qisi 0.7lBadagoni Tvishi 0.7lBadagoni Tsinandali 0.7lSnacksPringles Cheese 165gPringles Paprika 165gPringles Spicy 165gPringles Original 165gPringles sour cream and onion 165gPringles SpringOnion 165gPringles sour cream and onion 40gPringles Paprika 40gPringles Original 40gPringles sour cream and onion 70gPringles Paprika 70gPringles Original 70gLays Cheese 80gLays Cheese 150gLays Bacon 80gLays Bacon 150gLays Classic 67gLays Classic 117gLays Paprika 67gLays Paprika 155gFrixx Classic 145gFrixx Adjika 145gFrixx Barbeque 145gFrixx Cheese 145gFrixx Classic 70gFrixx Adjika 70gFrixx Barbeque 70gFrixx Cheese 70gFrixx Adjika 20gFrixx Barbeque 20gLithuanian Bakery Crackers (Garlic) 160gLithuanian Bakery Crackers (Paprika) 160gLithuanian Bakery Crackers (Beacon) 160gGemo Peanuts 125gGemo Peanuts 150gGemo Peanuts 185gQalakuri Peanuts 100gFishBream (Lesha) 400gChebak mediumChebak bigBreadLithuanian Bakery Borodinuli 600gLithuanian Bakery Gray bread 600gOtherPlastic cup for beer 450mlPlastic bag bigPlastic bag mediumPlastic bag small European, Drinks
Good Beer

European, Drinks
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Good Beer

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Minimum order is 10 GEL

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